About Us

From little things big things grow - Merger was founded in 1994 when Scott identified a gap in the asphalting industry. The bigger asphalt companies were struggling to keep up with Western Australia’s huge demand for asphalt services. Merger purchased equipment, hired staff and started building the foundations of the business. It’s been over twenty years and Merger Contracting has grown to be one of the largest privately owned asphalt laying companies in Western Australia.

The things we value - As Merger has grown it has been important to be mindful of our beginnings – the values that we started the business with have remained the same, we provide a top quality product, with exceptional service on time and within budget. We do that by recruiting the right staff and providing them with great training. We take pride in our work and that shows in the finished product.

Meet the Team

Scott Chatwin - Director

Director of Merger Contracting, Scott has been working in the asphalting industry for over 20 years and had managed major civil projects right through to smaller residential applications. Scott is very particular, it’s his reputation that goes out with every team.

Adam Hunt – Asphalt Operations Supervisor

Asphalt Operations Supervisor with sound technical knowledge and over 20 years industry experience. Adam has a strong emphasis on client relationships, providing excellent Client experience, and always strives to achieve the best production possible.

Steve Strohman – Operations Manager

Operations Manager, after 25 years in the game there is not much Steve doesn’t know about Asphalt. Steve is responsible for Estimating and Planning, personally scheduling all of Mergers projects. Its Steve’s attention to time management that has our projects finish within the projects deadline.

Mark Hannaford – Project Manager

Mark has worked in the asphalt industry for over 30 years, being involved with a variety of projects, including Airport resurfacing works at Pearce Airbase , temporary roads and bridges at Chep Lap Kok Airport Hong Kong, the Causeway Bus Lane Project and many contracts with local government authorities

Why choose Merger Contracting?

10 Reasons to choose Merger Contracting to provide your next asphalt requirement

  1. We offer free Design Advice on driveway positioning to complement your font yard and maximise the space to its fullest potential
  2. We provide good-old school Customer Service
  3. We take Pride in every job we do
  4. We stand behind our Workmanship
  5. We have exceptional Backup Service We very rarely get called back once asphalt has been laid, but if that should happen, we guarantee an immediate response and a professional resolution of the matter.
  6. Combined Merger brings over 90 years Industry Experience to every job
  7. Our Staff are Well Trained and Professional operators
  8. We are WA owned and operated
  9. We are committed to Safety
  10. Our fleet of equipment is Extensive and Well Maintained, which means dependable service.

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