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With asphalt as your choice of material, and with Merger Contracting as your choice of supplier you can have a great looking driveway which will provide you with many years of service and a fantastic…

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Delivering projects for large businesses as well as state and local government departments, Merger Contracting has the staff and the experience to complete any project, no matter the size or degree of…

Why choose Merger Contracting?

10 Reasons to choose Merger Contracting to provide your next asphalt requirement

  1. We offer free Design Advice on driveway positioning to complement your font yard and maximise the space to its fullest potential
  2. We provide good-old school Customer Service
  3. We take Pride in every job we do
  4. We stand behind our Workmanship
  5. We have exceptional Backup Service We very rarely get called back once asphalt has been laid, but if that should happen, we guarantee you an immediate response and a professional resolution of the matter.
  6. We bring over 20 years Industry Experience to every job
  7. Our Staff are Well trained and Professional operators
  8. We are WA owned and operated
  9. We are committed to Safety
  10. Our fleet of equipment is Extensive and well maintained fleet, which means dependable service.

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