Creative Solutions for Long Driveways

Jun 16, 2017 -- Posted by : Merger

Perth Hills Asphalt Driveway

From Mudogedon to Asphalt

We recently completed a rural driveway for a client who needed a cost effective solution to his steep long driveway in Parkerville. Here is what he had to say about his choice of installing a recycled crushed asphalt driveway:-

“We had a steep gravel driveway that was in need of frequent maintenance, especially after heavy winter rains. And then there was always the issue of dust in the summer.

At 130m long we wanted an affordable solution. Recycled cold laid asphalt kept the cost down while providing a stable, dust free and maintenance free option. After six inches of rain in February the driveway was good as new. The water just ran off.

We were impressed with how quickly our driveway was installed! The team at Merger were professional, took the time to understand our needs and importantly to us, and cared about the job they were doing.

Based on my experience, I’m happy to recommend Merger Contracting

Rob – Parkerville | January 2017

Owners of long, elevated or rural/bush blocks usually choose gravel as their driveway material. Gravel is an inexpensive, readily available option, however it does have its draw backs. It does have a tendency to migrate on slopes, requires frequent maintenance and upkeep, creates issues with dust and mud, and heavier vehicles can lose traction with the road surface.

Steep, sloping, rural and bush blocks require a creative driveway solution to help with all these challenges. An option that is growing in popularity is Recycled Asphalt. There are a number of advantages to using this recycled product.

So what is it that makes recycled crushed asphalt work so well as a driveway? Recycled asphalt still retains the bitumen from the original hot mix process which creates a cohesive surface.

Because the product retains the bitumen, as the sun warms up the surface of the driveway, the bitumen activates and helps compact the surface. The surface will continue to harden over time, creating a stable, mud and dust free driveway.

If you live on a bush block or rural property it is well worth your time investigating the option of recycled crushed asphalt.

Merger Contracting sources its crushed asphalt from Asphalt Recyclers Australia
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    What Our Clients Say

    KDJFC would like to thank Scott Chatwin, owner of Merger Contracting, who has been kind enough to install a Bitumen path free of charge at KDJFC. Scott has previously been a massive part of the Club as a long-time Coach and has always put his hand up to help out around the Club. His son Brandon finished his journey through the Club only a year or so ago. The bitumen path extends from the existing footpath behind the playground through to the back of the third Interchange box. The Club will now be able to adequately signpost/paint/fence off to ensure people use it rather than walking through current interchange, as it has created massive problems for Coaches and the Club in general. We take this opportunity to thank Scott and highly recommend his Business for any type of Bitumen paving/hard stand anyone may need at their home or Business.
    President : Kalamunda and Districts Junior Football Club

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